Nhóm 600 Từ vựng TOEIC theo chủ đề
Chủ đề 16: Shopping (Mua sắm) Chi tiết
(n) something offered or acquired at a price advantageous to the buyer: mặc cả
(v) to have a tolerance for, to endure: chịu đựng
(n) the manner of one’s action: cách ứng xử, đối xử
(n) the act, time, or place of checking out, as at a hotel or a supermarket: thanh toán, quầy thanh toán
(n) a condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment: thỏai mái, dễ dàng
(adj) comfortably (adv)
(v) to increase the size, volume, quantity, or scope of; to enlarge: nới rộng
(n) expanded (adj)
(v) to investigate systematically: thăm dò, khảo sát
(n) exploratory (adj)
(n) a single article or unit: mặt hàng
(adj) required or commanded, obligatory: bắt buộc
(n) items available in stores: hàng hóa mua bán
(adj) precise. exact: chặt chẽ
(n) strictly (adv)
(n) the current style: xu hướng, xu thế